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What is Breaux Software?

Breaux Software is a small niche software company currently focused on iPhone / iPod Touch/ iPad application development. Founded in 2008 by Jeremy Breaux, we are currently working on applications that provide useful or helpful tools to clients in various fields. Our clients are currently requesting applications for use in the following fields: information technology, contruction, education, and gaming.

Who is Jeremy Breaux?

Jeremy is an information technology consultant who dabbles in part-time iPhone /iPod touch/ IPad programming. Jeremy is intrigued with the versitility of the iPhone and other iOS devices. Jeremy has many interests that lead to the development of many of the iPhone /iPod Touch /iPad apps that are ready for sale on the iTunes app store. Many of our ideas were born out of need while working out in the field. For example: Jeremy was recently involved in the building of several spec homes and was in need of an easy way to estimate contruction materials. This lead to the development of “Concrete Calc”, “Concrete Calc Pro”, “Asphalt Calc”, “Drywall Calculator”, “Tile Calculator”, and “Paint Calculator”.

While Observing the construction process, Jeremy realized that his contractors lacked the ability to create invoices, change orders, job proposals, work completion certificates, service agreements in a digital format without returning to their office. This lead to the development of Breaux Software Studios Simple line of apps, including Simple Invoices – Services, Simple Invoices – Sales, Simple Price Quote, Simple Purchase Order, Simple Sales Order, Simple Service Agreement, Simple Job Proposal, Simple General Agreement, and Simple Work Completion Certificate.

Jeremy has also released the iPhone/iPod Touch app, “IT Organizer”. His motivation for the creation of this app again was born out of necessity. Most IT consultants carry around some sort of binder or organizer to have easy access to information while at the client’s location. With the app’s ability to keep client’s computer inventory, notes, and passwords available at the touch of a few buttons, that is something that comes in real handy and is valuable when out in the field.

Breaux Software is located in Lafayette, LA.